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Certified Training for Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros is a product that is packed with features.  A proper training will get you up and running with the software usage in a short time.  Regardless of your level of experience with 3D design and modelling we can tailor the training for your needs.

Training Options

We offer a choice of standard Level I and Level II Rhino training as well as adhoc training customised for your specific requirements.  Design consultancy services are also available as part of our service offering.  Contact us

Rhinoceros Level I Training with Certification

Level I Course Objectives:

  • Utilise the features of the Rhino user interface
  • Customise your modelling environment
  • Create basic graphic objects
  • Model with precision using cordinate input, object snaps and SmartTrack tools
  • Modify curves and surfaces with edit commands
  • Use control point editing to modify curves and surfaces
  • Analyse your model
  • Display any portion of the model
  • Export and import models to and from different file formats
  • Render the model

Rhinoceros Level II Training with Certification

Level II Course Objectives:

  • Customise toolbars and toolbar collections
  • Create simple macros
  • Use advanced object snaps
  • Use distance and angle constraints with object snaps
  • Construct and modify curves that will be used in surface building using control point editing methods
  • Evaluate curves using the curvature graph
  • Use a range of strategies to build surfaces
  • Rebuild surfaces and curves
  • Control surface curvature continuity
  • Create, manipulate, save and restore custom construction planes
  • Create surface and features using custom construction planes
  • Group objects
  • Visualise, evaluate and analyse models utilising shading features
  • Place text around an object or on a surface
  • Map planar curves to a surface
  • Create 3-D models from 2-D drawings and scanned images
  • Clean up imported files and export clean files
  • Use rendering tools

Rhinoceros Customised Training

In addition to certified training, we also provide customised training to suit individual, industry and company requirements.

Customised training is recommended for the following persons:

  • those who already have 3D design knowledge in other software and need quick orientation of Rhino's applications interface and general workflow
  • those who are only interested in quickly learning a specific set of functionalities
  • those who require in-depth coverage of one or more features that are vital to their specific industry
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Are you still using an earlier version of Rhino?

If you have one of the following,
- Rhinoceros 1.0
- Rhinoceros 2.0
- Rhinoceros 3.0
- Rhinoceros 4.0

... you are eligible to buy the Rhinoceros 5 upgrade license.

The Rhinoceros 5 upgrade commercial license is USD495.00 only. Buy it now! Call us now for the best upgrade offers!

Each existing license is entitled for one upgrade only. Call us or check directly with McNeel & Associates if you need to verify eligibility for upgrade.

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