VisualARQ 2 is available now for Rhino!

VisualARQ is a flexible BIM solution developed as a plug-in for Rhinoceros. It allows you to work within Rhino’s interface by providing a collection of specific tools to create/edit architectural and construction plans, and to work with parametric 3D Objects such as walls, doors, windows, columns, slabs, roofs, stairs, railings, trussings and more. You will also be able to model any object with Rhino’s freeform modelling tools and turn it into a BIM object that can be parametrically defined.

  • Automate Tasks: VisualARQ also gives you the power to automate many modelling tasks with VisualARQ Grasshopper Components built for Grasshopper (Grasshopper is a graphical algorithm editor - a module included free inside Rhino).
  • Collaborate: You can use VisualARQ to collaborate with other tools through the IFC import / export capabilities built into the software.
  • BIM Workflow: The features of VisualARQ gives you the power to define your own BIM workflow and make the architectural design process and its documentation much easier to handle.
  • Affordable and Accessible: VisualARQ plus Rhino makes a very affordable and competitive 2D/3D architectural package solution compared to similar competitor products in the market. VisualARQ and Rhino are purchased as simple perpetual licenses with no yearly payments imposed as subscription fees or as maintenance fees.
  • Flexible Licensing: VisualARQ comes with flexible licensing options. The license need not be locked into one specific computer. You can make use of the online licensing option (at no additional cost) to deploy your purchased license for the design team to use even if they are working from home. You can also choose to deploy it inside the restricted network in your office (at no additional cost) as a floating / network license. Either way, you just have to make sure the number of licenses are enough to meet expected concurrent usage volume.

VisualARQ is currently only available for Window OS.

VisualARQ 2 is priced at USD 795.00

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Contact us for more information now. Nosco Consultancy is an authorised reseller for VisualARQ in Singapore.